About SageRiver


Our Story

Established in 1997, SageRiver Consulting serves as a positive catalyst for meaningful change in organizations and communities.

We offer management consulting and organizational development services to corporate, government and nonprofit clients across the United States. Our clients work in a variety of industries and service areas, including healthcare, education, financial services, energy and telecommunications.

At SageRiver, we craft strategies to address the full spectrum of business challenges and fan them from spark to bonfire. Our clients expect more than just results, however. They turn to us for unique, engaging and innovative experiences that foster:

  • Strategic momentum and direction
  • Change readiness
  • Leadership mastery
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Research-based insights that inform strategic direction

After interacting with us, our clients say they are changed, and we, in turn, are inspired by working alongside them. If your organization is ready to transform, please contact us to explore how we can serve you.