At SageRiver, we partner with you to facilitate transformation. Although we bring rich expertise to each engagement, our primary goal is to create unique, innovative and collaborative experiences that unblock and unlock the wisdom of your organization.

To achieve that goal, we employ a simple but proven methodology that is divided into three phases and undergirded by diligent project management. By understanding the unique goal of each phase—and creating a clear plan to build from one to the next—we can sequence tasks appropriately, engage stakeholders effectively and deliver strategic insights to guide transformation on time and within budget.

The focus of each phase is described below.

Discover, Design, Deliver

Strategic Management Process

Project Management

SageRiver uses best practices in Project Management to guarantee timely and accurate delivery of excellent project deliverables and outcomes. Key elements of our Project Management practices include a keen focus on effective communications and relationship management, maintaining project milestones and approval points, and ultimately developing positive client partnerships.