At SageRiver, we envision organizations and communities where transformation is imagined, explored and pursued.


SageRiver’s mission is to offer strategic consulting services that bring cutting-edge theories to life within organizations across industries and sectors. As trusted advisers, we design and guide collaborative processes encompassing internal and external stakeholders in order to foster organizational or community transformation. Our targeted research and tailored experiences move our clients from analytics to action, from insight to implementation and from truth-telling to transformation.

Our Values

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Illuminate Possibility

• Use custom research and environmental scan tools.
• Ask challenging questions of clients and ourselves.
• Remain open-minded.

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Ignite Change

• Inspire stakeholders to move from interest into action.
• Embrace the ability to be nimble and adaptive.
• Implement sustainable practices.

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Strive for Excellence

• Expect the highest quality of work.
• Absolute commitment to the success of our clients.
• Use proven methodologies and positive processes.
• Incorporate past experiences and lessons learned.

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Respect Inclusivity

• Engage stakeholders throughout.
• Welcome diversity.
• Invite and listen to all voices.

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Encourage Optimism

• Recognize accomplishments.
• Build from the bright spots.
• Think positively.

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Champion Relationships

• Practice transparent partnerships.
• Thrive via personal connections.
• Believe communication and collaboration are key.

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Foster Curiosity

• Create opportunities for learning and inquiry.
• Explore and translate information into knowledge.
• Connect the dots.