To deliver value over time, leaders must continually evolve their organizational cultures and structures. They achieve this through thoughtful organizational design initiatives.

When done well, organizational design balances internal and external pressures to ensure an organization can thrive and achieve its value proposition. Through holistic organizational assessments, we identify barriers to success and effect necessary structural and resource allocation shifts.

Our experience confirms that employee engagement is a critical component of organizational design and strategic transformation. When organizations truly engage and inspire their employees, they achieve world-class innovation and performance. Because we believe so strongly in the power of employee engagement, our organizational design services include assessing current engagement levels and crafting client-specific employee engagement plans.

Your Challenges

Organizational design will help you:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Balance competing priorities amidst market disruptions
  • Ensure your structure and culture “fit” your environment
  • Develop effective communications programs
  • Solve employee engagement, change readiness and resource challenges


Services in Action

Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR) Logo

Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR)

Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR) is a major health insurance provider whose primary target market is Affinity Groups. CIR retained SageRiver to facilitate strategy sessions, shape strategic initiatives and improve the integration of acquired business units through enhanced organizational design.

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